Economy drives lunch prices higher

Economy drives lunch prices higher

Two students enjoy their lunches together.

Brenden Kaminski, Staff Reporter

While the failure of last year’s referendum caused many finanicial changes at RB, changes in lunch prices were not due to the referendum. Many people would not have guessed, but the lunch prices are based on the economy. As the price of food items around the world increase, the cost of lunch items also increase. For example, the price of wheat and the price of the petroleum used to make soda bottles will increase the cost of soda and wheat products in school.

Sophomore Zach Greenwell commented on buying lunch, and said,  “I buy less, but I still have the same amount of lunch money. With the rise (in prices), I can’t get as much food as last year.”

When asked if the increases in lunch prices have caused a loss of spenders, a lunch lady replied, “I think the lines are longer this year than last.”  A new wave of freshman could be the reason, but many of the employees believed that it is because so many students who went to private school now go to RB. And because of the increase in private school students coming to RB it increase the amount of students who could buy lunch.

Sophomore Vinnie Navarro commented about the prices and said, “They are fair to me, but it’s my parents money not mine.”  With the falling economy and many people out of jobs, the rise in lunch prices could worry some students and their parents.