Romecoming is coming

Romecoming is coming

Though S.A. class president Julie Sinde knows that Romecoming wasn’t the best idea, she wants to make the most of it.

Robby Filec, Staff Reporter

Homecoming is a fall tradition, complete with Spirit Week, a football game, and a crazy dance. This year the date is October 14th for the football game, and October 15th for the dance. The theme changes each year.

This year, the theme is the “Roman Times.” Clarion interviewed President of Student Association Julie Sinde to get her opinion and an inside scoop on “Romecoming.”

Q. What were other themes beside “Romecoming?”

A. “There was a comic book theme, RB through the decades, a safari, the 20s, and the 50s.”

Q. Are you aware many people dislike the idea Romecoming?

A. “Yes, I am aware about that, but no one can change that now, and no one came and expressed their ideas earlier on.”

Q. What are ways the school can appropriately celebrate Rome, and have fun?

A. “You can wear school appropriate togas with clothes underneath.”

Q. Did you personally like the idea Romecoming, why or why not?

A. “I personally feel as though there could be a better theme, but we will work with what we have.”

Q. What are the themes for Spirit Week, day by day?

A. “Day by day the themes are; Monday, there is no school. On Tuesday it is color day (seniors are black, juniors are green, sophomores are orange, and freshman are yellow.) Wednesday is comfy day, which refers from anything from appropriate pajamas, to sweatpants and a sweatshirt, Thursday is Rome day, and Friday is Blue and White day.

Q. What takes the longest or is the hardest to set up?”

A. “The murals take the longest to set up because it takes time to cut them, tape them, paint them, and most importantly, find people to work on them.