Adding a little more spirit on Fridays

Adding a little more spirit on Fridays

Ceramics teacher Suzanne Zimmerman’s class gets a surprising pick for Spirit Friday.

Jori Zobel, Staff Reporter

Have you noticed that blue and white are taking over Fridays at RB?  Spirit Fridays, created by S.A., are where students wear blue and white and members from the Student Association pick two random classes during 5th hour once a month.  They count up the total number of students in the class and each student wearing blue or white gets a small prize, consisting of pens or candy. 

At the end of the semester, S.A. members will find the highest percentage of students wearing blue and white from those eight classes picked, and they will win a larger prize.  The large prize consists of a fast line pass in the lunch line or a t-shirt. 

Julie Sinde, president of S.A. said, “We wanted to increase school spirit.”

Lack of school spirit has been a concern for S.A recently due to the failure of last year’s operating fund referendum.

Sinde said, “There has been a feeling of low morale since the referendum.”

The Student Association hopes spirit Fridays will encourage the students to become more involved with school spirit. 

 Sinde said, “We’ll wait and see how it goes.”

Students around the building are just getting used to the idea of Spirit Fridays.

Freshman Calvin Payne, said “Spirit Fridays are a good idea, but it could get old fast.”

On the other hand, Junior Megan Gonzalez feels that spirit Fridays are a good way to increase the school spirit. She said, “I would participate again.”

After one round of Spirit Friday, students haven’t seen huge changes in the building yet.

Payne said, “I think [school spirit] stayed the same. I haven’t noticed much.”

Senior Ryan Brown disagreed and said, “Yeah, the spirit has increased.  You see more kids wearing blue and white even when it’s not Friday.”

Spirit Fridays will be happening all year long.