Finals after break- burden or blessing

With the coming of winter break, students are getting excited to be out of school for two whole weeks. But unlike last year, they have the burden of finals when they come back.

Having finals after break is problematic because, in all honesty, does anyone actually study over break? If finals were before winter vacation then students would actually take the time to study.  Now that they have been scheduled for after the holidays, most students will think they have all the time they need to study, but in all likelihood end up not studying at all by the time that break is through.

I know I plan on studying  over break, but I most likely will never get around to actually doing it. When celebrating the holidays, does anyone want to think about school work? I know I don’t. I will probably forget all about anything to do with school and remember at the last minute, but that won’t be enough time to study. And I’m not the only one.

When asked if she liked finals after break, junior Eleanor Hunter said, “No, because I probably won’t study during break and I’ll forget everything.”

Students also get finals over and done with sooner if they are before winter break. Instead of being worried on their break, students would feel relieved and free of the worries of upcoming finals.

Still, there are the students who would rather have finals after break.

Maybe the extra two weeks before can help them improve their chances of getting a better grade on finals. Some may actually study over break. From what I’ve seen, most do not. But there are always some who do.

Or if students don’t want the burden of worrying what their grade was all during break, they’d prefer it after.

Junior Chris Morales would rather have finals after because he said “I’d be worried what I got on them all break.”

So enjoy your winter break and don’t forget to study! I know I will.