Jamba Juice – good for RB

Every once in awhile, Jamba Juice comes to RB to sell their smoothies and support Best Buddies, the organization between students with intellectual disabilities and students who want to form friendships with them. Some take advantage of this, while others think that by Jamba Juice being here, the school is supporting fast food consumption.

That is ridiculous.

Jamba Juice is not McDonald’s or Burger King. By buying a smoothie, you are not getting a grease-filled burger that you could get at one of those other places. You are ultimately getting fruit, yogurt, and ice, which isn’t terribly bad for someone to consume.

The flavors that Jamba Juice sells at RB are Strawberry Wild and Mango-a-go-go. The Strawberry Wild only has 250 calories and zero grams of fat for the small size that they sell here, and Mango has 280 calories and zero grams of fat. The thing is, the smoothies could be bad for you if you got the large size, but that’s avoidable by getting a small.

“I don’t think Jamba Juice being here is a bad thing. It doesn’t really make much of a difference, I just won’t buy if it I don’t want it, but I do like it,” said junior Liz Larson.

Everything is fine in moderation. It would be different if Jamba Juice was here every day, but it’s only a once in awhile thing. It’s something different to make a day more exciting and not just like every other day. Not only that, but a dollar from each smoothie sold is going towards Best Buddies, so it’s supporting a club within our school as well.

I think that by now, high school students and staff know whether they should eat something or not, and know what’s good or bad for them. The Jamba Juice website lists the nutritional facts of all of their products, so people that buy it have a way to know what they’re getting. If someone feels that Jamba Juice smoothies aren’t in their best interests to buy, then he or she has his or her own choice as to whether or not they will have one.