Can you go one day without shoes? Not at RB

Can you go one day without shoes? Not at RB

A pair of TOMS classics shoes

Kelly Kramer, Facebook Manager

When you buy a select pair of shoe hero shoes from TOMS shoes, they donate a pair to a child in need. In addition to that, the company also holds an annual event called One Day Without Shoes where they urge people to go sans shoes for a day, so they can see what it’s like for those who don’t have shoes.

This year the event was on April 5th. Many people around RB may not have heard about this, though, because, as of last year, RB administration does not allow students to walk around the school barefoot.

“I believe in the event, but the insurance carriers will not allow us to have students walking around without shoes while in the building,” said Assistant Principal John Passarella.

But my problem is that the school does allow students to wear sandals or flip flops, which can barely be considered shoes in the first place. The entire foot is exposed with a thin strip of rubber or plastic underneath. Moreover, many times when students are in gym classes in either the gymnastics room or the pool they are walking around without shoes in those locations.

I understand that there are times when shoes need to be off, but if that’s okay, then why isn’t it okay to sit in your class without shoes on?

Passarella also suggested that students wear shoes, but also wear a pair around their neck, but that just won’t cut it. They would still be wearing shoes, so the whole point of the event wouldn’t really be carried out.

I also understand that there are risks to walking around barefoot, whether it be stepping on something sharp or contracting some type of foot disease. But I still believe that the event raises awareness and promotes the Character Counts pillars of citizenship and caring, especially, and I think the payoff of participating would be great.