Don’t be defined by your body image

Renee Miedlar, Staff Reporter

Whether you believe it or not, your words can have a huge impact on someone’s life. Sometimes we tend to forget how the negative comments we make can hurt someone’s self-esteem and confidence. Just because someone looks different from the normal standard of beauty doesn’t make them any less of a person. Judging someone’s outer beauty will stop you from seeing their inner beauty, which is much more important.

All the ads and commercials that young girls are exposed to give the idea that we all need to be flawless, to be beautiful. Ads aren’t the only things that influence a person’s body image; negative comments from family or classmates can contribute too. All these things can have a huge impact on the way young girls feel about their physical appearance.

A negative body image can lead to low self-esteem, which can start affecting a person’s daily life. It may be harder to make friends or feel comfortable around new people. Overall, it is harder to enjoy life when you’re worrying about what everyone else thinks about you.

It’s important to remember that  you are only human, instead of thinking that you have to be perfect. It’s also important to remember that someone’s personality is much more important then their physical appearance. The truth is that your flaws are what make you unique and different from everyone else in the world, so no one can tell you what the definition of beauty is, That’s completely up to you.