Get up and get outside

Getting outside, climbing a tree, and having a different perspective can be part of a healthy approach to life.

Courtesy of Margaret Filec

Getting outside, climbing a tree, and having a different perspective can be part of a healthy approach to life.

Robby Filec, Story Editor

Not everyone is a fan of the outdoors, but it’s really just a great place to be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sappy, desiring to be one with nature, etc. but after a camping experience the prior weekend, I realized that it wasn’t just great to be outdoors, but to be doing something different with my life.

Normally, I’m a pretty outdoorsy type of guy. I’ve usually been a fan of camping, (and chopping wood, making fires, usual boy stuff that is acceptable in the woods,) but in the past I was really afraid at night due to the fact I was sleeping in a canvas tent while coyotes, raccoons, and more walked around outside a thin shelter. This year I did not experience that fear, which I realized was irrational, and I enjoyed camping much more than prior years. This story isn’t about camping exclusively, it’s just a platform for changing up the day to day routine with an outdoors theme.

The point is, I put myself out there, doing something different. Day to day we sit in school, after school we go to sports, work, or home to do some more schoolwork. Maybe we are in a few clubs and on the weekends we hang out with friends and family. But in my personal experience, this common schedule can get repetitive and make one go stir crazy, so changing up your lifestyle is needed.

As I said, not everyone is meant for the outdoors. But give it a shot. Nature is really beautiful, and something people should appreciate and not take for granted, like we do. Plus, on the flip side, after sleeping on the ground for two nights, you appreciate your bed at least ten times more. At least. Sitting in a desk all day is something we are required to do as students, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get out and away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy the beauty and awesome Earth we have been gifted.

By stepping out of my comfort zone, and hiking on a path in the middle of the night, in a really dark forest, I allowed myself to grow a little, to realize that I shouldn’t let fear of the unknown (whatever was in the forest/dark being the unknown,) to keep me from enjoying what is around me.

No matter what you do, step out of your comfort zone, because when you do, that’s when life becomes more interesting, and you experience changes that help you grow as a person.