Senior Goodbye: Andrew Pilewski

Andrew Pilewski, Staff Reporter

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Despite being in Clarion for only one semester, there are so many reasons that I am thankful for this opportunity. This type of class exposes me to a whole new writing style that I need to be proficient and comfortable with when I head off to Mizzou for Journalism next year, and I am forever grateful.

Clarion is more than just the writing though, and I had the pleasure of a semester full of quick quips from Steve, arguments with Chris, and awesome times finding out how many goats I am worth with the people sitting around me. I had so many awesome moments in that class that I will never forget, and I wish everyone the best of luck in college or continuing Clarion next year.

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Andrew Pilewski, Staff Reporter

Andrew frequently participates in MC Hammer look-alike contests, and enjoys short hikes on the beach.  Andrew has been called "the Glen Johnson of RB"...

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Senior Goodbye: Andrew Pilewski