How to get a PERFECT Valentine’s day.


Pawaran Kai Mongkhonkham, Staff Reporter

Talk about the death of a Bachelor. We are talking about Valentine’s day. A lot of beautiful couples in sight. And the best part of the day, chocolate! But today we are not going to talk about this brown brick like sweet, but we are going to talk how to have a PERFECT Valentine’s day!


  • Prepare your plans :  Trust me, it’s going to be boring if you just sit down and stare at each other with your boring smile. So prepare your plans. Ask your boss, a mastermind, or whatever to help you plan what you’re going to do for your day.


  • Always looking good : Good clothes give you confidence. Always dress like you have won an Oscar award from your Valentine’s movie. Yeah, you won the Oscar, not Leonardo Dicaprio. So dress lively!


  • Act like you just met each other :  No matter how long you guys have been dating each other, whether it’s 6 months or 6 years, try to act like it’s still your first week of dating.


  • No ‘Tweet time’ just ‘Sweet time’ : Okay, seriously, who is going to use the phone to tweet on their sweet day? You know to put your phone away, right?
  • Do not forgot chocolates : Of course, It’s Valentine’s day. Do I have to say anything else? But don’t you think it’s a little bit boring if you just buy chocolate and give it to them? Be creative, you can make you own style of chocolate. Just melt the chocolate that you bought and cool it into a new shape.


Happy Valentine’s Day!