How old is too old to trick-or-treat?


Ariana Porras

RB students, Erin and Alyssa Monti, getting ready to trick-or-treat.

Dylan Drews, Staff Reporter

It is getting close to the day where we all dress up and go door-to-door shouting the famous phrase, “trick-or-treat!” Most of us have been doing it for years. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and I went around asking different students how close that “end” may be.

Victor Molinar, an RB junior, “12 years old is when you should stop trick-or-treating because that’s the last time I trick or treated.” Victor also responded, “It is not acceptable for high school students to trick or treat because they are too old.” Sadly, it does not look like Victor will be dressing up this year.

Although Victor may not think trick-or-treating is cool anymore, there may still be some students who believe otherwise.

“It is not acceptable to trick or treat because you’re too old for it,” Ryan Kwilas also stated,”14 years old is when you should stop because that’s when I outgrew it.” However, Ryan is still planning on dressing up this year as a rhino, despite his statements.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend that it is not okay to still trick-or-treat in high school, however, that does not mean everyone thinks that way.

“21 is too old because you could because you may have your own kids by that age. You should basically be able to trick-or-treat until you have your own kids,” stated Charlie Lynch, an RB senior. ”Trick-or-treating in high school is acceptable because you can get free candy.”

Trick-or-treating is a fun way to hang out with your friends or maybe even your family and get some free candy while doing so.

“After high school if probably a good time to stop trick-or-treating. I am going this year because I still think it’s fun,” explains Logan Bass. “It is totally acceptable to trick or treat in high school.”