Lollapalooza’s 26th anniversary; students reviews on what to expect

This summer, August 3-6, Lollapalooza will mark its 26th anniversary in Chicago, Illinois. In 1991, the lead singer of the band “Jane’s Addiction”, Perry Farrell, (hence the historic festival stage “perry’s stage”) had a farewell tour for his band, this was the start of Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza ran annually until 1997, then it was revived in 2003. From 1991-1997, and 2003- present day, the festival toured North America.

Now it seems that Lolla appeals more to the younger audience, rather than the older. Since new artists have come out with new music styles. It can appeal more to the younger people and less to the older, it seems the amount of older people attending Lollapalooza has decreased. Here is how some students at Riverside Brookfield High School feel about Lollapalooza.

“I love Lollapalooza, it’s a really fun time, my favorite memory is probably going to perry’s stage, my friends and I had a lot of fun there,” said Freshman Julia Brom.

Brom attended Lollapalooza last year, which was also her first year. Last July, Brom only went for one of the four days. This year she will be at all four days of the festival held in Grant park.

“If you don’t do well around big crowds, I would not recommend going to Lollapalooza,” said Brom.

This year, the cost of a four day Lollapalooza ticket is $350, which marks higher than last years’ $335 four day ticket. There are some very popular artists attending this year, some being: Chance the Rapper, Lil Yatchy, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, Cage the Elephant, Rae Sremmurd, Big Sean, Foster the People, The Killers, Etc…

“Even though the cost is $350, it’s still worth it to me to see artists like Chance, Foster the People, and Lil Uzi,” said Brom.

Many people have new experiences, and to Freshman Max Brand he seems most excited about this one because it is something he is never done before, and he is ready to experience new things.

“This is going to be my first year going and from what I’ve heard it’s a fun experience to be around friends while enjoying some of your favorite artists,” said Brand.

People who have experienced Lolla talk about how they love going to Lolla for not just one year, but for multiple. Throughout the three years he has attended, Sophomore Ian Vranek stated that how every year it gets better and better.

“I really wanted to go this year to Lolla because my previous years of going to Lolla have only showed me how fun it is to be around friends while listening to your favorite artists so I thought, why not go another year because I wanted to hear my favorite artists Chance the rapper, and Glass Animals. But I hope my favorite artist, Chance The Rapper, performs a lot of his old music,” said Vranek