PopSockets offer a new take on phone design

iPhone being held up by a PopSocket

iPhone being held up by a PopSocket

Carlee Battistoni, Staff Reporter

“What’s that?” is the first thing you usually hear from someone if you have a PopSocket. So what is the purpose of them? The little suction-cup-like handle that sticks to the back of the phone and pops out when needed, flattens when unneeded. Handy? Very. It is a gadget designed primarily as a grip for your smartphone. If anything, a conversation starter. You can design your own PopSockets and can literally put anything on it, such as cool designs and even a picture of one of your friends.

“They’re stylin’, I would put the rapper Ugly God on mine” said junior Pablo Hernandez.

I first heard about PopSockets last year when my friend had one on the back of her phone and I simply asked, “What’s that?” like most people would. After she told me what is was, I was instantly hooked and could not wait to get my hands on one and design it. I was actually overwhelmed with all the different options I could choose from.

PopSockets are extremely entertaining. Since getting one, walking to class and being in class have been much less of a bore. One of my biggest first world problems is having to deal with the annoyance of texting on my phone after I’ve wrapped my headphones around it. That is why my favorite part of the PopSocket is coiling my earphones around the body of it when it is popped out. Are you thinking about getting a PopSocket now?