Best frozen dessert for this holiday season

Tatum Bruno, Project Editor

Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner is hard enough as it is, the last thing you want to worry about is making a whole-made pie. Luckily there are a variety of desserts you can get from your frozen food section at your local grocery store. I’m here to tell you which one of these delicious treats is truly the best for your Thanksgiving.

Number 4: Sara Lee French style classic cheesecake

The worst dessert by far was Sara Lee French style classic cheesecake. Cheesecakes are typically smooth, creamy, and have a sweet graham cracker crust. The appearance of this cake looked fairly appetizing, the filling of the cake looked light and creamy, and the crust looked promising. But, even after having the dessert sit out and though slightly, the cake was too thick, rather tasteless and the crust tasted eerily similar to cardboard. I would not recommend this be served at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Number 3: Sara Lee French style strawberry cheesecake

Although the classic cheesecake from Sara Lee was a flop, the Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake was slightly better. Although the cheesecake itself looked a bit off, due to the strawberry jelly not being evenly distributed, the overall taste was significantly better. The strawberry jelly hid the cardboard taste of the crust enough and gave more flavor to the bland filling. This dessert is ok and while I would not recommend this be your first choice, in a pinch it will do.

Number 2: Edwards Cookie and Creme pie

This dessert looked very promising right out of the package. The cookie topping was on almost the entire slice of pie, which is a good sign because you want cookie topping on nearly every bite. The filling was creamy and sweet, the cookie crust on the bottom was also a nice touch. I would definitely recommend this pie, it is delicious and has a decent appearance, it will certainly please your guests.

Number 1: Edwards Turtle pie

The best dessert I sampled was the turtle pie. The appearance was awesome, the caramel and fudge drizzles and the sprinkling of pecans made the pie stand out. The filling of the pie was sweet and creamy, the fudge and caramel adding to the deliciousness, but the true ingredient that puts this pie at number 1 is the crunchiness of the pecans to balance the smoothness of the filling.  I would 100% recommend this pie to serve at your next holiday get together. It is sure to be a big hit.