5 steps on how to become a successful music artist


Photo drawn by Alexis Leone.

Tyler Kelstrom, Staff Reporter

  1. Make a good quality track. To make a good quality track you can use any software that you feel most comfortable using like FL Studio, Logic Pro, Audacity, etc. If you don’t know how to use it, you can search for tutorials.
  1. Find a good beat or instrumental. To find a good beat, you should look on YouTube for free to use. If the beat you chose does not flow correctly with the lyrics, try rewriting them. If you have experience with beat making, you can produce your own.
  1. Put your best effort into your track. Just put yourself in the position of others viewing it. If you feel that is is your best effort and that people will like it, post it on SoundCloud. If do not feel your song is ready, continue developing it. It takes me around 1 to 2 weeks to complete a song. Remember that practice makes perfect.
  1. Make a “clickbait” album cover. You should always make a eye-catching album cover. Put bright colors or a picture of yourself that you enjoy. Would you rather click on a funny, bright, interesting album cover or a boring non-original album cover?
  1. Promote your music. If you pay for a repost from any SoundCloud network, you are guaranteed to get more listens than usual. It gives you the opportunity to reach a broader audience.