Horoscopes are Stupid.


Art by Lexi Leone

Bella Hagins, Student Reporter

Today the stars that are aligned will change… absolutely nothing about you as well as the next day and the next. Horoscopes. You’ve probably heard of them somewhere, most likely from the internet or people who blame others for their flaws and mistakes based off of their astrological sign. “Oh yeah, don’t be friends with her I heard she’s a Virgo,” or something along the lines of that. Now, let me put a disclaimer before I discuss my undying hatred for horoscopes. If you just like horoscopes and find them interesting, go ahead! I don’t mind, as long as you don’t base your entire lives off of horoscopes, you’re cool.

Now that the disclaimer is out, let me provide some background. The definition of horoscope is, “ A forecast of a person’s future, typically including a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth.” So basically, “Hey, look at this symbol that represents the day of your birthday, depending on where the constellation your symbol is based on, it can tell you how your future is gonna be and how you should act.” Personally, I think this is a load of bull because, well, it’s fake, but I feel like everyone knows that by now. However, there are some people that ignore the fact that is fake and based their entire lives around their horoscope.

People like this usually judge others because of their horoscope, which not only makes them rude and ignorant, but it also ruins the opportunity for them to make friends, all because of some sort of symbol based off a constellation in the sky.

Not only is it affecting the people around them, but it also affects them as an individual by basing their personality off of their horoscopes. How does this work? Usually, horoscopes tell you what the average personality for what that person’s zodiac sign is, I cannot stress this enough, whatever you do, DON’T YOU DARE BASED YOUR PERSONALITY OR ANYONE’S PERSONALITY OVER SOME SYMBOLS ABOUT STARS, if you do this you will most likely develop a fake personality will most definitely lose your friends because of the garbage personality that something on the internet talking about some dumb astrology bull on a  website that was most likely made by some judgmental hipster who wants people, including themselves to feel better about themselves because they have no good qualities besides taking in essential oils religiously and “being one with the stars.”                                                                                                                         

Okay, maybe I’m thinking about this too much but still. Horoscopes are dumb as heck and I don’t understand how people actually believe in this kind of stuff. I understand people enjoy looking at horoscopes just because they’re interesting, and I respect that.

But please, be yourself! Don’t base people off of horoscopes, and most importantly, if you see someone being judgy to people about their horoscopes, don’t say that they’re being stupid, but just say, “Hey, you should at least talk to them before you start judging them, who knows, maybe they’re different from what their horoscopes say.”