Challenge Accepted: Pumpkin carving

Tyler Miller, Staff Reporter

As Halloween approaches, the Clarion staff decided to do another Challenge Accepted, but this time: Halloween themed.

A couple of the Clarion staff members, along with a special guest from Rouser decided to put their wonderful pumpkin carving skills to the test with a pumpkin carving challenge. Jackson Hilpp also known as “Kraut,” Tyler Miller, and Rouser member Max Paisker attempted the challenge.

The rules were to carve the best possible design into the pumpkin. All contestants were given fifteen minutes to work, and the best possible design would be judge by the viewers of the video along with those who read the article.

“The competition was fierce and fun,” Paisker said.

Overall the challenge was a fun experience and was a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. It also provided a way to get creative with different designs, and explore people’s competitive nature.

“Fun way to get into the Halloween spirit,” said Hilpp.

The Pumpkin Challenge was an intense yet festive Halloween activity. It was a great way to channel your halloween spirit, as well as test your pumpkin carving skills. We’ll see everyone on the next Clarion Challenge Accepted.