Sensational summer concerts

What you might have missed in the music world

Taylor Swift and her band mate rocking out at their concert at soldier field in Chicago!

Alexia Kingzette, Staff Reporter

In the summer there are a thousand things to do. Maybe you went to summer camp or on an amazing vacation. Maybe you worked to super hard and wanted to spend your money on something you love. That’s what Grace Rock a sophomore did. She resourcefully saw over thirty bands and artists this summer. A few of her favorites included Ed Sheeran, Five Seconds to Summer, and The Postal Service.

She had quite a variety of taste, hitting up the more alternative and indie music scene. Still, she also saw some popular concerts with Summer Bash and Taylor Swift performing at Soldier Field. Here’s a look at some of this summer’s concerts. It may even inspire you to listen to a new artist or two.

Some awesome artists to look forward to Macklemore (Nov. 4),  Paramore (Nov.24), Pretty Reckless (Oct. 27), Noah and the Whale (Oct 9), and Jay Z (Jan.9).