MSC adds two new teams

Mike Hansa

After three years, the Metro Suburban Conference finally added two more teams this year: Timothy Christian and Illiana Christian.

For the past three years the conference has consisted of Riverside Brookfield, Fenton, Elmwood Park, and Ridgewood. Many people have believed that this conference is too small and weak of a conference for RB to take place in, but with the two new teams, coaches and fans hope that this will change.

Assistant varsity and head sophomore basketball coach Mike Reingruber said “Both teams are going to help our conference tremendously; they both have quality programs with a successful past.” The jury is still out on whether or not this will hold true, as only time will tell.

Many coaches feel the same way with the two new teams in the conference. However with both private schools having an upside in recruiting, it will give the four remaining teams a great challenge and make a great addition to the conference.

Unlike every other sport, football does not get the addition of the two new teams to the conference. Many still feel the competition is too weak for the sport and that there is a need to add more teams to make it more competitive for themselves as for the other conference teams.

Varsity football player Ian Robertson said “Our conference is already inexperienced as it is and adding more teams to it will give it even worse of a reputation, us original teams have to make it as high of a potential as we can before a change is necessary.”