The unsung heroes: The Sixth Man

Vince Arvis, Staff Reporter

Football season is now over. This means that it’s time for RB to focus on its next big sports craze, basketball! The 2009-2010 basketball season is quickly approaching and hoops fever is high.

The team this year will be led by future Brown University superstar and senior, Sean McGonagill and returning junior, Ryan Jackson, who came off a sensational sophomore year. With these two players returning this year, the team looks better than ever.

Possibly more important than these two stars, however, is the RB basketball cheering section, The Sixth Man. At home games, more than 100 spirit-filled RB students yell, scream, and cheer on the Bulldogs.

“The goal of The Sixth Man is to give the team a confidence boost during the game and also get in the heads of the other team’s players, and psyche them out,” said senior Ian Robertson, who plans to lead The Sixth Man this upcoming season.

Over the years, The Sixth Man has helped the Bulldogs prevail against many difficult opponents by making their presence known.

“The Sixth Man definitely gives us a home court advantage,” said senior Forward/Guard Mark McDonagh, “every team that comes into our house knows that The Sixth Man is going to be relentless, so they start the game off with a disadvantage.”

Another thing The Sixth Man wants to bring to the table this year is not only going to home games, but games on the road too.

“Playing on the road is one of the hardest things our team has to do. Having The Sixth Man there will definitely make us feel at home,” said senior Shooting Guard Mike Hansa.

The Sixth Man has some big plans for the upcoming season. “We are going to try a lot of new and different things this season to help get our team win a state championship,” said Robertson, “we are going to use black outs, rally towels, and different costumes. Be ready for anything!”

The RB Basketball Season tips off on November 25th at RB. The team will be there, The Sixth Man will be there…will you?