Bonds calls it quits

Barry Bonds not has played in a major league baseball game in almost two years. The years of the homerun king is over. Bonds has yet to retire, but his agent says his major league baseball career is over.

Bonds was once known as the scariest person with a bat the plate in baseball for years. He last played in 2007 season and, then became a free agent. But as the days and months pasted, no team would offer the slugger a deal. Later in that year, Bonds was accused of lying about take performance enhancing drugs. His agent said after two years it was long shot but nearly impossible for the 45 year old to get a job in the major league.

Bonds has had a great career. He has all the top records for hitting in San Francisco. All in all, his elaborate career is going to end with the record of 762 homeruns, 1996 runs batted in and seven National League Most Valuable Player awards.