NFL playoffs prediction: Colts win again

The start of 2010 means New Year’s resolutions and a fresh start for everybody. For us sports fans it means the NFL playoffs and the road to the Super Bowl. It also is time for each fan to give predictions for the Playoffs. Here is my insight.

Wildcard Round

Game: New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals: Bengals 27, Jets 13

Spin: In my opinion, this is the easiest game to predict in the playoffs. Rookie quarterbacks typically don’t fare well in the playoffs, especially one with 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions like March Sanchez. The Bengals defense will force Sanchez into at least three interceptions.

Game: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots: Patriots 24, Ravens 17

Spin: The Patriots are banged up going into this matchup, though I still think they will win. Tom Brady has had numerous small injuries throughout the year, but the loss of Wes Welker is the biggest blow to the Patriots. The Ravens need a big game from their defense and Pro-Bowl running back Ray Rice to win, but I think they will come up short.

Game: Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals: Packers 35, Cardinals 24

Spin: The Packers are hot, winning seven of their last eight to finish the season, including a 33-7 win against the Cardinals in week 17. Both teams flaunt high scoring offenses. The Packers are led by Aaron Rodgers and Donald Driver; the Cardinals have Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. The Packers solid defense, led a secondary featuring Charles Woodson and Nick Collins, will make the difference.

Game: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys: Eagles 30, Cowboys 27

Spin: What’s the old saying? Can’t beat a team three times in a season? I think this is the case for the Eagles who have lost twice to the Cowboys this year. Quarterback Donovan McNabb has lots of playoff experience, and he should have a good game. Tony Romo will struggle in the playoffs again for the Cowboys sending Dallas fans into hysteria.

Divisional Playoff Round:

Game: Cincinnati Bengals at San Diego Chargers: Chargers 31, Bengals 13

Spin: If you thought that the Packers were hot, then the Chargers are something else. They’ve won their last eleven games and will continue that streak. The Bengals defense won’t have as much success against Philip Rivers and the Bengals offense will struggle as well.

Game: New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts: Colts 35, Patriots 34

Spin: How many times will we see Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady in the playoffs? Well, at least one more as Brady and co. will travel to the dome in Indianapolis to take on the Colts. This game will be a shootout as neither team has a great defense. The winner of this game typically wins the Super Bowl; I like the Colts.

Game: Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings: Vikings 31, Packers 27

Spin: Vikings vs. Packers round 3. Remember the old rule that you can’t beat a team three times in a year? Disregard that for this game as I like the Favres to beat the Packers for the third time this year. Both teams have really good defenses, but the offenses are the story of this game. A late touchdown pass from Favre is the difference for Minnesota.

Game: Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints: Eagles 23, Saints 17

Spin: Many people think the Cowboys are going to take down the Eagles, but I have the Eagles winning two games in the playoffs. The combination of blitzes will have Drew Brees confused and the Eagles will hold the Saints to just 17 points. Out of the top four seeds, the Saints look the weakest as they are losers of three straight.

Conference Championships:

AFC Game: San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts: Colts 38, Chargers 27

Spin: Another shootout in the AFC, but Philips Rivers can’t keep up with Peyton Manning. The Chargers have knocked out the Colts the past two years, but not this year. The Colts are no longer unbeaten, but they have their players healthy. Neither team can run very well, so the quarterback position becomes even more important. Edge: Colts.

NFC Game: Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings: Vikings 30, Eagles 17

Spin: The Eagles are trying to repeat what their Pennsylvania friends (the Steelers), have done in the past: win the Super Bowl as a six seed. The Vikings are at home, where the whole team plays better. The Eagles can’t run the football, while the Vikings have Adrian Peterson shoving the ball down their throat. Peterson is the difference as he runs for 150+ yards.

 Super Bowl XLIV

Game: Minnesota vs. Indianapolis Colts (in Miami): Colts 34, Vikings 28

Spin: Brett Favre decided to come back for another year and it was a good decision. He made it to the Super Bowl, but will come up short. Favre throws for three touchdowns in his final game, but Peyton Manning and the Colts are able to overcome this and win. The Vikings run the ball better than the Colts, but the Vikings can’t cover Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. Colts win a close won to capture a second Super Bowl in four years.