Canada steals the gold

The Olympic Games finished with an intense hockey game between Canada and the US teams ending in overtime, with Sydney Crosby going home a national hero. The game was action packed all the way up until the end goal in overtime.

It all started out as a dream from the American team, the players wanted to win and they went out there to destroy Canada. The game started out with the Blackhawks’ own player Jonathan Toews scoring a goal on the US team in the first period. Then Canada had another goal in the 2nd period leading the game 2-0. The US team knew that the next goal would change the course of the rest of the game. So they made the goal in their favor leaving the 2nd period trailing by one with Canada leading 2-1.

The third period started out slow because the teams both were defensively and offensively stable. It was not until the last minute that US player Zach Perise tied up the game putting the Olympic gold medal up for grabs in overtime.

Seven minutes in overtime went by and ended with Canada’s Sydney Crosby scoring and having Canada take home the gold as the host country. 

Even before the teams went out onto the ice, they both had already won. They both played for the win all through the tournament and all through the game ready. They both have proven themselves to their countries and shown that they were the best players in the world.