More than just a rally

Spring has finally arrived which means the start of new sports. On a nice spring day, twenty-four boys tried out for the RB tennis team. Boy’s tennis is essentially a no-cut sport, so all twenty-four hopefuls made the team.

Even though all of the boys automatically made the team, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t all top-notch players. As of April 9th, the varsity team is 1-1. Their only loss so far was a conference game, which makes them 0-1 in conference. The JV team had a rough start to their season, but the players have no doubt that they will have a strong performance for the rest of the season.

When tennis coach, Tom Fuller, was asked about how he feels the team will do in conference this year, he responded with, “We’ll struggle with Timothy Christian, but we’ll have a chance to win it! Anything lower than 2nd place would surprise me.”

Every year the tennis program expands, but it also improves as it goes along. Fuller also commented that the best part of coaching the tennis team is, “Working with the students to improve their skills. [He] couldn’t care less about winning.”

Sophomore and tennis player, Aron Perfect, said of his involvement in the sport that “Tennis is fun. It is a constant competition and it really forces you to play your hardest.”

The boys still have a long season ahead of them and are determined to make the best of it. Winning conference isn’t everything to them; they just love going out on the court everyday and being able to play a sport they love.