Boys volleyball dreams of regionals

Currently, the word that is being thrown around by the RB varsity volleyball team is “regionals”. The team’s main goal is to finally win a regional title. It would be the first in school history and would be a landmark for RB.

Boys’ varsity volleyball is being coached by Mr. Bonarigo while sophomores are being coached by Jonathon Gorny. Both teams have promising futures, Varsity being lead by Juan Gomez and Elliot Louthen and Sophomores Richie Green and Joe Sauer.

Right side hitter for the varsity team, Junior Ben Bergstrom,  hopes to beat Morton, who has been a “consistent competitor and has beaten us several times.” He also hopes the team works hard because “We have a chance at competing with every team in our conference.” he commented “I think we have a real chance at conference and regional’s this year.”

While on the sophomore front, team leader Richie Green has set his goals as “To improve and become a better player for varsity.” Coach Jonathon Gorny especially wants the sophomore front to become some-what of a training ground for soon-to-be varsity players.

“My hope does not lie in wins and losses but in the player’s potential.” said Gorny.

Sophomore player, Kyle Perfect, has said that he wants to have an above 500 team, which if the team rallies together is more than possible.

The Bulldogs do not exactly have an easy season ahead of them but with all the hard work and practice they are receiving they definitely are going to put up a fight. Senior and team captain Juan Gomez says “Go Bulldogs!”