Badminton slams home successful season

March 1st marked the kickoff for girls’ badminton.  Since then, the team has been working hard at creating a successful season for RB.  Now the season has ended and Varsity and J/V girls are saying their final goodbyes to badminton.

Over the season, badminton has been quite successful.  The team won 1st place at the Leyden Invite, Bolingbrook Quad, and the RB Invite.  “We got 2nd place at the DeKalb Invite and our Independent Conference Meet,” said varsity coach Valerie McIntyre, “The success of our entire team earned us a 6th seed in our sectional.”  

Maggie Heraty and Brittany Hite (playing doubles), Sam Oberholtzer (playing singles), and Sydney Oberholtzer and Ariana Barreto (doubles) qualified for state.

J/V badminton ended with the Independent Conference at Zion-Benton (7 teams in total present).  Varsity badminton continued from the Independent Conference to sectionals.  Five girls from the team qualified for the state tournament which they played the weekend of May 15th and 16th.  However, the sport officially ended at the conclusion of the state tournament Friday and Saturday, April 14th and 15th.

With the school year ending, teammates look back at the great season and considered rejoining the sport.  Badminton member Abby Teffeteller said, “The season was so much fun and was a great experience.” 

“I really love the sport, but its being on the team with my friends and being a part of something so positive [that I love],” Lorelei Volpe said. 

RB’s badminton team makes it clear to the public that they work hard at what they do and put as much effort and strategy into it as any other sport.  “Probably learning the game and all the strategy and getting out there and playing competitively [is my favorite thing],” said Stephanie Wolff. 

Plans for next year’s season are already well underway.  Thus, concluding another fun-filled yet hard-working season for the badminton team.