Will King James rule Chicago?

On May 11, Lebron James was dealt a strong blow by the Boston Celtics. The Cavaliers lost by an astounding thirty two Points, 122-88. The Celtics just dominated like they did in the postseason last year against the Chicago Bulls.  How did James and the Cavs follow up in Game Six?  They lost 94-85, even when James had a tripe double.  It wasn’t enough to lead the team to success.

The playoff defeat raises questions about Lebron James’ future. The current speculation is that the Cavs loss in Game Six has placed James’ future in Cleveland in doubt.  ESPN analyst Chris Broussard raised eyebrows by suggesting that James’ number one free agent destination might be Chicago.

But what does Jamesmean to Cleveland organization?  Right now he is their top scorer, so the Cavaliers need him and they want him. They can throw around enough money at him if he wants it. If he should leave, the Cavaliers will have hard decisions trying to fill his slot in the line up.

However, what else can you expect from a high caliber player like Lebron James? He still has a whole career left in the NBA.  Several years ago people said he was the next Michael Jordan, but what do the Cavaliers think now?  Lebron James has done wonders for the Cavaliers, bringing them to the NBA Finals. He’s been with the Cavaliers for seven years. He was drafted when he was only 19 years old and has shown his tremendous ability to make plays and to make his teammates even better.

But the whole story is where Lebron “The King” James will be next year. Will he be a Cavalier still or will he be in a different uniform, in a different city?