Let it twirl

Joe Sauer, opinion manager

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Tryouts for the twirl team occurred on April 20th. This year the team had veteran twirlers try out like Clara Shaw and Claire Childers, but they also had a couple new incoming freshmen join the team.

 The girls train all over the summer to be ready for the half-time shows and competitions they have to face in the next season. They train about 6 hours a day every day with the band team. It’s a very rigorous practice routine.  

“I think that it’s going to be a good season because we have a lot of twirlers” said sophomore twirler Kelsey Stirek, “We have 8 girls this year.”

 The twirlers last year went to the state competition and received first place.

“I think we have a chance to go to state and win again just like last year,” Childers said.  

 The girls really like twirling which is why they still do it. “Twirling is fun; you get to twirl and hang out with your friends,” Childers said, “I can’t wait till practice starts.”

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