Optimism high for boys tennis

Boy’s tennis has done great this year with its winning record on varsity and a win in the Wheeling Invite. Varsity Player Charles Suhjida said “I feel I did really well this year, but my goals are to get past sectionals and improve mentally in the final games of my high school career.” 

This feeling of continuing to do well through conference and into the post season is a good sign of success. Most players like Sophomore Aron Perfect feel happy about the season. “I accomplished my goals and I want to win at conference. If I do that, I think I will feel I was successful.” Perfect stated.

The season itself was good for most players but the real goals are to succeed in conference and possibly state.

There are several boys who hope to make it to state. Most of them are seniors who feel this season is the final chance at tennis glory. Suhjida said, “I feel the season went by quickly but I do not want to lose focus going into the most competitive part of the year.”

The team has a winning record and has been improving it in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean the players want to give up now. The big goals for them are to win conference and have a threepeat win. They have high hopes but an even higher swing.