Manny just being Manny in Chicago

Manny Ramirez has a pretty shaky track record. He has contributed to whatever team that has taken him into their club house. He has a different style all the way to his outrageously long hair.  On the field, he has been known to be a great teammate and a even better performer.  Ramirez, who was recently acquired by the White Sox from the La Angeles Dodgers, has made an impact already.

Ramirez was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 1991. Then the young slugger was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2001 where he played seven seasons. That’s when he hit his prime. In the  World Series he  won with them, he also  won the Most Valuable Player award. After his run in Boston, the Red Sox traded Ramirez to the Dodgers. His stay there was short. He only played two years in the Dodgers organization.

But there’s something special about Ramirez while playing in the postseason. He holds the record for most homeruns in the postseason ever with a outstanding 28.  Now the White Sox didn’t just acquire Ramirez for his accomplishments in the postseason. They would hope that he still has some power and contact in him to help the team to the pennant and from there to the World Series.

Time will tell if acquiring Manny Ramirez was a good idea or a bust. So far he has helped with his .438 batting average, but the people of Chicago will have to wait and see.