Girls Golf having a strong rebuilding year

The Riverside Brookfield Girl’s Golf team is in a rebuilding phase this year, with much of the 12 member team represented by underclassmen.

Golf is a new sport to many of the girls on the team, and they have made great strides this season in their games. Coach Barb Panek said, “We have a very inexperienced team and many new golfers, but everyone has gotten better each match and improved their scores, and that’s the goal for this year.”

Returning senior Taylor Dalton is the captain this year, and is one of five members who always golf. Dalton, senior Ellie Hutchison, Kim Dawid, Sam Shelhof and Kelsey Stirek form the bones of the team, and the other seven members of the team are rotated in, so everyone gets golfing time.

Panek said, “Everyone gets free golf, and the girls work hard to improve. This year, the team is one of the nicest I’ve coached. They excel academically in addition to playing golf. It’s great to be able to coach a good group of kids.”

The year may not have been filled with lots of victories, but the focus on improvement has helped many girls lower their individual scores. “The ultimate goal is for everyone to improve, and to be playing their best golf at the end of the year,” added Panek.