Injuries change Bulldog football season

The football team is going through some tough times as of late. They have sidelined more than six players due to injuries. This will have an impact on their upcoming game at Fenton.

Some notables names are Andy Suzuki with a concussion, Dylan Beketic with bruised ribs, Tim Potts with a dislocated shoulder, and Alfredo Torres with knee problems. Torres’ high school career ended after visiting the doctor and hearing his ACL is torn. Potts will finish his season too.

Suzuki and Beketic will be out for the week and hopefully can start practicing within the next two weeks. “Injuries happen and we take them very seriously,” Head Coach Jason Rech said, “Technology helps to have the players take tests to diagnose if they are truly injured or not.”

Some shifts on the offensive side of the ball will result. David Skowronski will take over as the starting quarterback. “It feels good to be back behind center, let’s hope for the best for Dylan,” he said. Tyler Flores will be taking the bulk of the carries.

Fenton will be a tough matchup. They are 2-0 in conference so far, on top of everyone else. “We have to limit turnovers and consistently move the ball,” Rech said. Defense is doing their job forcing turnovers to give the offense as many chances to score as possible. The Bulldogs suffered a tough loss at Ridgewood the previous week and can hopefully bounce back for a road win tonight.