Boozer’s got a boo boo (Carlos Boozer’s injury)

Carlos Boozer,  recently acquired by the Chicago Bulls, broke his hand on Sunday October 3rd.  His injury will require surgery, and he will be out eight weeks said his attorney – you can look here to hire an attorney for accidents and injury.  Sadly for Boozer, the injury is to his hand, which was a good point for the New Port Richey injury lawyers to fight in the court.

The statue of limitations in Florida talks about the real story is how Boozer broke his hand.  He did not break his hand doing what he is paid millions of dollars for, but rather by it tripping over a bag in his house.  That’s right, a bag in his house, not playing basketball.  Boozer described his injury.  He said that it was dark in his house, his doorbell rang, he tripped over his gym bag, and his hand popped.  He also said his hand was numb after getting up.  Boozer said he had his hand looked at right after his fall.  Boozer underwent surgery on Tuesday October 5th, so he can begin rehab as soon as possible. The first aid training courses in Toronto has helped people be prepared in case of emergencies.

The Bulls will miss Boozer for the two months he is out.  The team was excited after signing Boozer this summer to a five-year, $75 million dollar deal.  Then again, who wouldn’t miss Boozer as he averaged 20.5 points per game and 11.8 rebounds per game last season?  Boozer is a game changing player, and he will attempt to prove this to the Bulls after two months.

Not only will the Chicago Bulls organization miss Boozer, but the fans were also excited to see Boozer with the Bulls.   Senior Jimmy Capone, a local Bulls fan, said, “I think Taj Gibson will step up now that Boozer is out.”

Getting injured off the court also leads to many doubts of how a player may have been injured.  This is because the player can tell the press and or his organization whatever he wants explaining their injury.  For example, Monte Ellis, a Golden State Warrior, broke his leg in the offseason two years ago.  Ellis claimed he broke his leg playing basketball at first, but later came out to say he actually broke his leg falling off a scooter.

Regardless of Boozer’s story, the Chicago Bulls will miss Boozer for two months as the preseason just started up with a loss 92-83 to the Milwaukee Bucks.  Boozer has been known for being on the injured reserve list.  In the 08-09 season with Utah he missed 44 games with a knee injury, in his 05-06 season with Utah he missed 48 games, and in 04-05 he missed 30 games.