Ref controversy mars 2-2 soccer game

On Friday October 1st, RB had a conference game against Ridgewood High School. This was a crucial game for both teams because if RB won they would still have a chance for conference and if Ridgewood won they would have an easier time winning conference. 

The game started out pretty even until Ridgewood scored in the first half. Coming back, junior, Ruben Chavez scored at the end of the first half making it 1-1. The bulldogs had the momentum coming in the second half and it was still pretty even between the teams. Unlucky for the bulldogs, Ridgewood scored their second goal.

Towards the end of the game, R. Chavez scored a penalty kick to tie the game 2-2. The fans at the stadium let the soccer team hear it as they cheered for us. Now the bulldogs were pumped up because the game was going into overtime and being such a crucial, it was very important for the win.

Before the overtime would start, each team gathered together for a talk and to get ready to play for the win. The bulldogs and the rebels were ready to battle it out for the overtime golden goal win. As they were taking the field, the refs were leaving. Instead of the refs staying 20 more minutes for overtime, they left the field. Everyone, even the fans, let them hear it. The fans booed them off the field as they were explaining to the coaches why they were leaving. Because of this, the game was ended with a tie, 2-2. Senior Gordon M. Fieseler said, “We are going to overtime boys, let’s get the win!” as he was getting off of the field after the second half. As he said that, the ref was walking to get his stuff and he carelessly said, “No we aren’t” and left.

The coaches explained to us about a new rule in IHSA. If you don’t remind the ref about overtime before the game, they have the right to leave, or ref, if it does go to overtime. I interviewed the athletic director Art Ostrow about the problem.

“Unfortunately, they did leave and I think a reason why is because he wanted to leave and didn’t want to ref overtime, and it was a Friday night. Also, one of the refs had past problems with the soccer team from Ridgewood High School. I contacted and spoke to IHSA members and the ruling is if it’s a conference game there has to be overtime, but if it’s a non conference game then there can be a tie. We haven’t payed them yet and we are holding the check until we settle things. Also, we are trying to reschedule the overtime and we would like to see the same officials there,”  Ostrow said.

For now the boys’ soccer team will have to carry on with their season and concentrate on regionals. The soccer team had their senior night on Tuesday, October 12th.

Their regional game will be on Wednesday, October 20th against St. Francis. The winner of that game will play St. Joe’s for the Regional Championship.