Full plate of games for thanksgiving day

On Thanksgiving Day the NFL will have three games to play, while you and your family will be eating the turkey. This week’s games might not be the cream of the crop matchups,but  the games will still play an important role in determining who is on top of the divisions.

The first game features the New England Patriots (8-2) and the Detroit Lions (2-8) at 12:30 PM ET. The Patroits’ only losses this season came on the road and the Lions’ two wins were when they were in Detoit. Tom Brady is having a decent season so far and Benjarvus Green-Ellis, who is getting the bulk of the carries in the backfield, has only taken four rushes to the end zone this season. The Lions feature the quick Calvin Johnson who is leading the team with ten touchdowns and is on pace to break the 1,000 yard mark this season. New England’s defense has been struggling this season, and may leave Johnson deep which can cost them. If the Lions play their best, this matchup can become a great one to watch.

At 4:15 ET, the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys square off. The Cowboys are hurt with Tony Romo out, but Jon Kitna has done well taking the team over since. Drew Brees has had his ups and downs this year and his TD-Int ratio is causing some concern (22-14). Last year, Dallas topped the Super Bowl champions. The Cowboys have struggled especially at home (1-4) and may turn this week’s game over to the Saints.

The final game at 8:15 ET includes the New York Jets (8-2) and the Cincinnati Bengals (2-8). Cedric Benson of the Bengals has been a dud this season and cannot get anything going for him thus far. LT is having a great year, but his numbes have been slowly declining as the season continues. Both teams need this win, but the Jets look to have the better chance with Mark Sanchez doing his job under the quarterback position.

Overall, this Thanksgiving day matchups are shaping up to be some interesting games. The Patroits,  Saints, and the Jets look to have the edge and I can expect them to secure these wins on Thursday.  Even though the opposing teams might not have the best records, they all can make strong pushes to make these games close.