Dunn joins the White Sox

Jon Stevanovich, Staff Reporter

On December 2nd, the Chicago White agreed to a four-year $56 million contract with Adam Dunn. This power house player will be a great addition to this already developing lineup.

Adam Dunn has come off some great seasons with the Washington Nationals and a small Arizona Diamondbacks. In the past three seasons Dunn has put up 38+ homeruns and has broken the 100 RBI mark every season. It can be expected that he can put up these numbers for a few more years. Dunn is a very durable player and plays over 150 games a year, so you can guarentee his bat will be helping out the White Sox every night.

This big bat in the lineup will most likely be sitting in the number three or four spot. Assuming Paul Konerko re-signs with the White Sox, Dunn will be happy to be the Sox’s designated hitter. Dunn can play first base, but is more comfortable sticking to the DH position.

If Konerko stays in Chicago, you can expect the lineup to have a strong middle of the order including Dunn, Konerko, Rios, and Quentin. Now that A.J. Pierzynski has signed for another two years, this adds even more depth to the offense.

Despite these great players to the team, this eats up a lot of the White Sox’s money. With Dunn and (possibly) Konerko’s big contract, they are will not have much to spend on their struggling bullpen. Kenny Williams is hesitant to re-sign closer Bobby Jenks, and the closer role is up for grabs. This offseason will be interesting to see how the White Sox management can pull off this feat and can pull out a strong playoff-contending team in the spring.