Down with the Metrodome


Snow fills Metrodome seats.

Dave Skowronski, Staff Reporter

Over the weekend in Minnesota, the home of the Vikings collapsed in the hours of the morning. The roof of the Metrodome caved in around 5 am.

The roof collapsed due to the weight of the snow from this weekend’s blizzard. The Metrodome’s roof is made out of Teflon, but the weight of the snow fall was too much, which resulted in the roof’s teflon to break and snow inside the dome.

 Inside the dome there is snow and part of the roof is hanging down still attached. There is even sun light coming in through the hole in the roof. Next week the Vikings are supposed to host the conference rival the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler, so this gives the workers only eight days to fix three damaged panels and also re-rise the teflon back to normal.

The game before all this happened had been postponed from Sunday because the Giants had no way to get to Minnesota. All the Minnesota air travel was shut down. So instead of going to Minnesota the Giants team and staff had to land in Kansas City.

So now instead of one Monday night game, there will be two. The Giants and the Vikings will both be going to Ford field in Detroit home of Lions, to play their game. Kickoff is scheduled for 8 ET. The original game scheduled for Monday night football is between the Ravens and Texans.