Five Musts on the Hawks’ To Do List

Five Musts on the Hawks To Do List

Jonathan Toews scores on a breakaway versus the Blue Jackets Tuesday night.

Jon Stevanovich, Staff Reporter

Here are a few items the Blackhawks need to keep on their mind after the All Star Break, to push for another playoff run.

The Hawks have only twelve remaining home games this season, while they have nineteen battles away from the United Center.  They have been doing well, posting an 11-7-4 record while away, which is above average in comparision to the rest of the NHL teams. About half of the road games will be against division teams, which will be crucial to capture as many wins versus these teams to gain jump up in the division, as well as the conference standings.

Both of the Hawks’ goalies have a lot of talent and can help the Hawks pull off a win most of the time. A problem these netminders face is their consistency. Neither Turco or Crawford can last a whole season playing 90% of the games and still pull off wins. It is important to balance the two equally, and when one goes on a streak of wins and has the confidence in him, to keep him playing, but also know when a goalie’s momentum is fading and to put in the other goalie, before it costs the Hawks a few games.

One statistic that helped the Hawks take the Cup last season was shots on goal. They are in the top five of the league in goals per game and in shots on goal. This is an important stat to have if you want to win hockey games. If the Hawks are pouring on shots on the opponents net, its giving the opposing team some trouble and keeping the puck away from our net, that is crucial in close games.

Nothing makes a game easier when a team has a man advantage. The Blackhawks are the best of the best when it comes to the powerplay. They rank number one in powerplay percentage with a 25.58%. Along with that, they have the third fewest powerplay opportunities, which does not allow them to have a lot of chances to score on the man advantage, but they execute the best. Keeping this consistency up throughout the season will defenitely help in the long run, and in the playoffs.

On June 9, 2010 the Chicago Blackhawks captured their first Stanley Cup since 1961. Now some may say that was a while ago and much of our team has dispersed from Chicago, but that is far-fetched. The Hawks still maintain their core of their star players like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa, Duncan Keith, and many others.  Many of the players we have now are maturing and developing into their roles that help the team best, like John Scott replacing the Hawks’ former bully Adam Burish, and is doing a great job. Other players like Tomas Kopecky are shining more often and a name to keep in mind later on in the season.