Dempster a new opener for Cubs

Dave Skowronski, Staff Reporter

The Chicago Cubs are going a different direction by changing their opening day pitcher, instead of having Carlos Zambrano on the mound. The Cubs new Manager Mike Quade announced that Ryan Dempster would be the Cubs opening day pitcher and number one overall in the rotation.

Having Zambrano be the number two in the rotation would snap his last six consecutive Starts on Opening day. Zambrano took the decision very well.  He said, “Nothing lasts forever. I wanted to be the Opening Day starter for all my years with the Cubs, but they chose Dempster for Opening Day. And it’s OK with me. He’s been pitching much better than I have the past two years. He deserves it.”

Zambrano is one of the most emotional pitchers in the game, and sometimes his emotions have run high causing his outburst in the dugout with ex-players like catcher Michael Barret and first baseman Derrek Lee.

Zambrano was suspended for a period of time last season, and forced to take anger management therapy. When he came back, he finished the season at 8-0. Quade is hoping that Zambrano can continue his play from last year and be his ace in the season.