Hawks turn it around

Hawks turn it around

Toews has been leading the team in points with 71 points.

Jon Stevanovich, Staff Reporter

After a questionable start to the season before the All Star break, the Chicago Blackhawks are looking like themselves lately.

The Hawks went on an right game winning streak from February 20th to March 5th.  This helped them jumped into the playoff picture in the Western Conference and they are currently sitting in the fifth seed.

A large part in this change in momentum is the man between the pipes, Corey Crawford. He has helped keep the team up and doing a good job in net. In the last fifteen straight games he has started, he had six games in which he let in two goals or less in a game. He also carries a 2.31 Goals Against Average, 6th among goaltenders in the NHL currently. This helps keep the difference of goals for a goals against easier, to help capture a victory every game.

The Hawks are still hanging on in the powerplay department. They are 2nd in the league with a 23.8% powerplay percentage. This rampaging offense is led by the Captain Jonathan Toews and Forward Patrick Sharp, each with 30+ goals thus far.

Among the other seven teams fighting for five playoff spots in the Western Conference, the Hawks have the best record within their last games played (7-1-2).  Teams that are competing for these spots include the Los Angeles Kings, Nashville Predators, Phoenix Coyotes, and a few others. A good number to have is their home record of 22-14-0, second best in the conference and crucial with the remaining home games left.

Overall, the Hawks have a good chance to grab one of the playoff positions. It will be a tough road, considering the schedule ahead of them will not be easy, especially playing Detroit Red Wings three more times. Despite this, the Hawks stars have risen up and are earning their pay checks like Marian Hossa, who is nearing a point a game average. It will only be a matter of time until the playoffs start.