Soccer rebounds after rough start


Ethan Gallegos, Layout Manager

“A team is many voices with a single heart” is the motto of RB girls soccer. With their first win, bringing them one and four, they showed they worked as one. With the hard fought win over Ridgewood, they made a stand to turn the season around.

Varsity soccerp layer Bridget Brewer, who scored against Ridgewood, said, “The win was definitely something the team needed. We’re back on track and looking forward to the rest of the incredible season.”

They have eleven more games of the season and plenty of time to turn things around. They have mostly away games to play and so far have only won on the road.

Senior varsity soccer player, Emily Waas said, “We had a rough start but I can tell by the commitment and motivation of our team that we will strive from now on.”

Despite the rough start, it is not just all work for the entire season, but also fun. The team will be having Soccer Palooza on April 30th, 2011. This is open for anyone who wants to come out, watch or participate in the event. For more information about this event, visit coach Marisa Dobbertin at the Wellness Department.