10 Stupid Questions: Travis Trevizo

10 Stupid Questions:  Travis Trevizo

Andrew Hanley, Staff Reporter

Q- Do you enjoy wearing the short shorts that cross country runners wear?

A -Yes, I do.  They make me feel like a man.

Q- State is coming up soon.  What are you doing to make yourself even faster?

A – We are tapering or doing easier stuff and hanging with the team.

Q- What goes through your mind when you finish a race?

A – Wow, I’m happy that’s over, and how can I improve.

Q- Do you have a ritual or something you wear every time you run a race?

A – Yes, I jump at the starting line before every race to make sure I’m loose.

Q- What inspires you to run?

A – History at RB and I can be as good as I want to be.

Q- What music do you like to listen to before you run?

A – Fort Minor and the track team’s song “Home.”  I don’t know the artist though.

Q- What is your favorite season: track or cross country?

A – I like track because it is more about speed and you can see everyone you’re racing against.

Q- Do you run in every weather: sun, rain, snow, hail?

A – Everything but thunder storms, yes, I do.

Q- Who is your favorite cross country runner?

Keegan Buttimer and Larry Forberg.