Boys’ soccer advances to Sectionals after tough regular season schedule


Taylor Kosiak

Senior Ryan Power attempts to take the ball away from a Kennedy player

Nathan Galas and Rahim Kouferidji

The Riverside Brookfield boys’ soccer team is nearing the end of their season and are still looking to improve. Although they had a disappointing start, this season has been one of growth and overcoming obstacles. 

Jaiden Costello, junior at RB, weighed in on how he thinks the Bulldogs can progress.

“Definitely passing the ball and communicating when we’re on the field [is what we need to get better in],” said Costello, who competed on the varsity level last season.

Despite finishing with a losing record for the regular season, Costello still has hope and believes the season has been positive, but they need to work out some kinks.

“I would say pretty good so far but we need to build stronger relationships [as a whole],” Costello said.

This year’s team has a lot of juniors that have transitioned well into their varsity season. 

“There’s a difference in skill and speed so the transition was a bit slow, but after I got used to it, it was awesome,” said Ethan Larson, junior who competed on the sophomore team last year. 

Ivek Halic, head varsity soccer coach, has been impressed with his team’s performance despite some obstacles. 

“We’ve been very good, very competitive. We’re currently about .500, but we’ve had a very difficult schedule,” Halic said.

The team has also taken a leap when it comes to chemistry and bonding. Halic is proud of the players’ mentality, and notes that they constantly get after it during practices.

“I’m pleased with the chemistry throughout the team. We’ve continuously grown. Trainings have been rigorous and focused, so that helps throughout the season,” Halic said.

Although the team has gotten better with chemistry and work ethic, there is still room for improvement when it comes to individual skills. 

“Finishing can always get better, positioning, tactics, all that can always be improved,” Halic said.

As the Bulldogs head into the final phase of the season, they have hope that their tougher opponents will only help make them better for the later rounds of the postseason. 

“We’ve had successful practices. I know that the final stretch of our schedule is brutal but that’s only going to help us improve for the state tournaments,” Halic said.

After being the first team in seven seasons to win the Regional Finals, the Bulldogs will be advancing to the next round of the IHSA State Playoffs.

The Bulldogs finished the regular season with a record of 8-9, and their next game is the first round of Sectionals against Victoria Soto High School on Tuesday, October 29th at Fenwick High School.