LCS Preview: Rangers and Giants advance

This year’s League Championship Series consists of two newcomers and two seasoned veterans.  The New York Yankees, and the Philadelphia Phillies have become a consistent part of the playoffs. Both teams have been in the last three league championship series.  The Phillies won the World Series two years ago, and the Yankees won the Fall Classic last year.  Both teams look to make a return to the Championship for a third year in a row.

The Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants are both new comers to the LCS. The Giants last visited the LCS in 2002 when they went to the World Series. Now they are back in the LCS with an all new team featuring a totally revamped look from the last team that went to the LCS.  The Texas Rangers are coming off an exciting five game series with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rangers made history in two ways. The Rangers won their first playoff series in franchise history. They are also the only team to ever win all the road games in a playoff series since the playoffs were installed in 1903.

All four teams have great pitching and exciting offenses which should make for some great League Championship Series.

ALCS: New York Yankees v. Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers are playing in their first ever League Championship Series, while the Yankees are playing in their second in three years and their 13th since the ALCS was installed in 1969.  Both teams have strong pitching featuring C.C. Sabathia for the Yankees and Cliff Lee for the Rangers.  Even better than the pitching are the outstanding offenses of both teams.  The Yankees have a great 3-4 combo of Mark Teixiera and Alex Rodriguez who are both ex-Rangers.  The Rangers have great hitters such as Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler.

The Rangers are looking to continue their success on the road, and improve their record at Home. The Yankees hope that their veteran experience will give them an advantage over the mostly inexperienced Rangers. Over all this series looks to be very exciting and should last longer than 4 games.

Rangers win in seven games.

NLCS: Philadelphia Phillies v. San Francisco Giants

The Phillies have been in the last two world championships, as well as the last three NLCS including this one.  The San Francisco Giants are in their first NLCS post Barry Bonds. The Giants are looking to prove that young pitching can over com a strong offense and veteran pitching staff of the Phillies. The Phillies hope that newly acquired ace Roy Halladay will continue his playoff success, following his no-hitter in the first game of the ALDS.  The Giants hope that young ace and two-time CY Youg award winner Tim Linsecum can also continue his dominant pitching in the NLCS.

The offense for the Phillies is stronger than that for the Giants, but the Giants look to have more heart.  The Giants have something to prove while the Phillies are just in a routine by now.  This should be an exciting series from beginning to end. In the end I think the Giants pull off the up set winning in 6 games.

Giants win 4 games to 2.