Checkmate! Chess club is in session

A game of intelligence and wits, chess club is hosted every Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the library. This club is for players who want to take chess to a competitive level. They are intense and strategically motivated.  The sponsor for the club is science teacher Dave Monti.

The first few months into the school year are “practices”. After the casual practices end, the club becomes a team, where they go into competition just like any other sport. They go through tournaments against other schools and eventually compete at the state competition. Last year the chess team placed 21st at state and this year sponsor Monti is looking to improve.

Club member Nick Rauba stated “This year our goal is to do even better. We only lost 2 board holders this year, and we have a great team. Top 20 would be nice, but top 10 isn’t all that far out of reach.”