Big time: Alumnus Davis playing in NFL

One outstanding stat for high school athletes is that only 1 in every 50,000 becomes a professional athlete. To make it to the pros, and make it big time, is always a dream that athletes dream of.  They practice hard and play even harder so they can fulfill that dream.

That hard work paid off for one of our own who graduated in 2003, his name Britt Davis.

Davis is currently on the practice squad for the Denver Broncos in the National Football League.

Davis was a three sport athlete in his days at RB. He ran track, played basketball and football. He was one of RB’s best athletes of his time. He helped two 5A teams to the playoffs in football. After Davis had graduated in 2003, he left RB with 90 touchdowns, nine 300 yard passing games and his face on the Wall of Fame here at RB. He was awarded as an All-State quarterback in 2003.

When asked what his favorite memory of RB football was Davis said, “My favorite memory would have to be my senior year when we beat Morris who was ranked pretty high that year. The reason was we played when I was a junior and they just beat me up, so it felt good when we beat them; or it would have to be my sophomore year when I played corner and we played Joliet Catholic.”

After he graduate in 2003, Davis was recruited by Northern Illinois as a quarterback. As he soon figured his new role at NIU would be as a wide receiver. His biggest year came in 2006 when he hauled in 57 receptions for 731 yards and 3 touchdowns. And from there Davis made a impact and his name would be put into the NIU Huskies record book. He finished his four year career as the fifth overall in NIU history with 146 receptions and  1,1676 yards.

After his career at NIU, Davis signed with the New York Jets in 2009. Davis made his transition from college to the pros easily “the transition for me was easy, I thought. In college you have to worry about class grades and practice. Being a professional athlete is eat, sleep, football,” he said.

Davis was undrafted in 2009 when the Jets signed him where he has his favorite memory which is he ran a twenty yard in route for his first career reception. His stay was short in New york, but now Davis is signed to be on the practice team for the Denver  Broncos.

Davis said, “At this level it’s a business. Growing up playing HS, playing in college it’s a game. Now at the end of the day it’s our job to play football, were all here to work. We eat sleep and play football.”

Maybe one day Davis will get his shot at showing people what he can do, playing in front of thousands on a Sunday afternoon.