Matchmaker Results: Lucky in Love

Matchmaker Results:  Lucky in Love

My number one match and I enjoy some time together.

Jason Flam, Web Editor

Did you pick up your matchmaker? Well, if not, you may be missing out on your soul mate. Whether or not your number one will actually turn out to be the one, it doesn’t hurt to see just how accurate this love survey really is. That’s why I decided to find my number one love interest and see how compatible we are.

Here’s a little Q and A with my most compatible girl, Rachel Kunkel. Let’s see how we compare:

Q: Favorite movie?

Rachel: The Hangover

Compatibility: Although we didn’t pick the same movie (The Departed or The Godfather should be everyone’s favorite), it turns out that The Hangover happens to be on my top five list as well. We’re off to a good start.

Q: Favorite musical artist:

Rachel: Jason Flam (she said it)

Compatibility: I guess Rachel has heard some of my early work and found it intoxicating. Who can blame her? Any girl that enjoys my music gets high grades in my book.

Q: Favorite food?

Rachel: Pizza

Compatibility: Everyone enjoys some ‘za, but it’s a little too general for my liking. I’m a big fan of ethnic food myself, and there’s nothing better than some good homemade chicken enchiladas. This sets us back a little bit….

Q: Dream Wedding?

Rachel: On a beach during sunset with some live music. Then, after the ceremony we ride off on horseback into the night.

Compatibility: She read my mind.

Q: Dream Guy?

Rachel: Brown hair, brown eyes, a little bit taller than me, chiseled abs, funny, honest.

Compatibility: Hmmm, that’s odd. Sounds a lot like me. (For the record Rachel is 5’5” and I check in at a modest 5’10”)

Q: Kids?

Rachel: Four

Compatibility: Good luck finding the money to put those rascals through college…totally kidding…sort of. If I’m pulling down six figure checks every two weeks then this is a real distinct possibility. But I do look forward to having a few little Flams running around in the future, I just don’t know about four.

After much consideration, we’re clearly soul mates and should be dating. Ball’s in your court Rachel, do what you wish.