WRBR ready to unFreeze

WRBR ready to unFreeze

Michael Frushour and Jason Lee Goo relax in the WRBR studio. Their debut is planned in a few weeks.

In 2007, Riverside Brookfield High School had a radio station called WRBR, The Freeze. Due to renovations throughout the building, the class was discontinued. In the following weeks, the radio station will be up and running thanks to the RBTV Teacher Gary Prokes.

“We didn’t have the wiring, and lost the ability to do that. We now reestablished that technology,” said Prokes.

 The radio station offers a class before and after school, and will be offered half a credit (.500) to anyone willing to take a little time out of class to help out, and be a part of The Freeze.

 “The class is like an independent study, and the students are receiving half a credit for the class. We actually just got the hardware today, and radio should be running in a few weeks,” said Prokes.

 As of now, there are two students that are taking matters into their own hands; Michael Frushour and Jason Lee Goo.

“I’m very excited to be a part of this program. I can now use my long term of experience from a DJ, my love for technology, and help with the school radio,” said Frushour.

 Frushour has been a DJ for 3 years, and goes by the name DJ BIG Mike. Lee Goo, on the other hand, has been learning from his father and has teamed up with Michael in the DJ-ing business, Together they, are known as “Sneaky Records”.

The radio station will be playing music and some commentary regarding some news around the school. The radio will only play music before and after school, not during the 5 minute passing periods. The class was postponed, because the technology was installed because of the new renovations made to the building.

 If you are interested in taking this class, you can talk to your counselor or Prokes to see if you can get involved in WRBR the Freeze.