Matchmaker shows consistency in finding true love

My top match and I feeling the love

My top match and I feeling the love

Madison Powers, Web Editor

Every year, Student Association sponsors a fundraiser called Matchmaker. By participating in this fundraiser, you take a survey that matches you up with people from your grade and the rest of the school. This year, I was lucky enough to be matched up with senior Joe Sauer. I decided to investigate further to see if we really are compatible.

 Q: Favorite movie?

A: “Anchorman”

Compatibility: I prefer movies like Mean Girls or any Romantic Comedy, but I suppose throwing in a raunchy comedy every now and then won’t be so bad. Nice pick Sauer, so far you’re still a keeper.


Q: Artist:

: “Jackson Pollock”

Compatibility: Joe seems to always be mixing it up. I was referring to music artist, but Pollock is a pretty cool guy. I approve of this choice; matchmaker really did get this right.


Q: Dream wedding?

A: “I want to be married on a mountain with live music, trombones, and have Dovas dressed as all the Mumford and Sons. Oh and a fly over.”

Compatibility: I’m not a fan of outdoor weddings, but with a special appearance from Dovas could seal the deal. We’ll have a very memorable wedding and I won’t have to worry about the groom hitting his head at some stuffy banquet hall. Just out of curiosity though, what is a fly over?


Q: Dream girl?

A: “My sincerest regrets, but Lauren Wienke was my number one, so I’m going to have to pick her. You were my number two, so you’re alright.”

Compatibility: Wienke was my number two most compatible friend….yikes.


 Q: Kids?

A: “12 just like in Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Compatibility: Great movie, terrible number of kids. This is starting to feel uncomfortable.


 Q: Coke vs. Pepsi

A: “RC is the scum of the earth.”

Compatibility: Solid response, I’m just hoping he doesn’t mind the stock pile of Coke Zero that will be in the fridge.


Q: Favorite Superhero?

A: “Batman, but not regular Batman, Christian Bale Batman.”

Compatibility: I’m so glad I found a guy who agrees that Batman is not only a superhero, but the coolest one out there.


Final Q: Think we can get married?

A: “I’d love to, I do, I do.”

Compatibility: I think this speaks for itself.