Recycled greenhouse for a sustainable garden


Eco Club has been collecting two-liter bottles in order to build a recycled greenhouse for the school’s new sustainable garden.

Taylor Owen, Staff Reporter

After several years of planning, work began to create a garden behind the school that would beautify the school and make the school more aware of the environment. Although the garden will not be fully finished until the spring, the Ecology Club and James Holt’s AP Environmental Science classes are now working on a greenhouse for the site.

Holt said, “The greenhouse will start propagating seeds that will be planted in the garden outside of the school. This will give us the opportunity to have plants that will be ready to harvest in the spring. We will plant larger plants instead of seeds.”

According to Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT, the greenhouse will be made out of donated two liter pop bottles. The estimated amount of pop bottles needed is around 1,200.

Ecology Club member senior Christine Potter said, “I think it’s awesome that we’re using two liter bottles. Its cooler to reuse the materials instead of having them end up in the trash.”

Another Ecology Club member senior Alex Cleveland said, “The greenhouse is a really great opportunity for the school to manage its waste. It’ll be a way for the students to get involved with the environment. With the possible compost area in the garden and the recycling program, the school could probably cut down its waste by 1/3.”

Another aspect to the greenhouse and the garden is using the plants grown in the cafeteria food.

Potter said, “Everything grown in the garden and greenhouse would be 100% organic, so it would be good for the food in the cafeteria.”

Cleveland said, “We will grow basic fruits and veggies along with natural wild flowers and grass. We don’t know for sure what types of plants exactly though because we received grants for the seeds.”

The Ecology Club received grants from various environment organizations including ACE. ACE was the organization who spoke with the science classes early in the year about the effects we have on the environment.

Holt said, “I think the greenhouse will have a positive impact on the school because it integrates things in class to things in the environment.”